Arabella – locking udder bands

Arabella – locking udder bands

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It’s been so busy at the farm, we forgot to mention that we now moved Arabella to the barn! Remember how this beautiful redhead was captured and milked? That was a huge shock to her. She is still very much in disbelief that this is her life now. She has been fitted with a collar and leash, wrist cuffs, and custom made locking udder bands. Her udders are so soft and big, it is impossible to remove those tight metal bands without a key. Arabella doesn’t even think about trying. She has been very docile from the start, we can even hand her the milking cups of the goat milker and she will start to milk herself. It’s still very painful, her udders and nipples are so soft they get sucked into the machine very far. Her nipples get doubled in size from a goat milker session, and the udder bands help to keep the pressure up. Arabella’s soft whimpers after her session are so cute! She is now in a totally different world… her new home… her new life.

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  1. love banded udders – would like to see more hucows banded

  2. Nice to see another Update with this beautiful red haired HuCow. The locking bands around her udders get Arabella ready for her milking with her placing the cups of the goat milker over her nipples. This HuCow’s eyes and facial expressions show what a painful milking session this was for her; but her nipples doubling in size were the result the farmer was looking for. Maybe for her next Update Arabella can be locked to the metal milking frame and the RED Cow Milker used to milk her hanging downward udders.

  3. Well done! Just add some teat clamps please- thanks!

  4. I would like to see the bands put on

  5. ich finde sowieso dass der Ziegenmelker die längsten Zitzen macht. Herrlich wie das Euter eingesperrt ist.

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