HuCow Test – Sweetie Plum

HuCow Test – Sweetie Plum

Young Sweetie Plum emailed us if she could be a HuCow. Of course! Anyone can come to the barn and try if they want to belong to the herd. But when she arrived, Sweetie wasn’t so sure anymore. She nervously touched the big collar and the nipple clamps that were waiting for her, next to her contract. And there was a pink buttplug and some lube too! We could see her doubt, but after a brief moment she actually signed the contract! There was no way back now. Sweetie stripped naked and waited for things to come…
What a cute body she has! First step was to insert the jewel butt plug, which she did without being asked. It seems she understood what she came for. With the collar and nipple clamps added, she presented herself for inspection. Sweetie looked so proud!
Soon, she was led into the barn, crawling on all fours, leashed by the farmer. After some more inspection, she was instructed to climb onto the milking frame, where she got strapped in tight. Such a small body with cute udders! Sweetie was still smiling, excited at the thought of getting milked and vibrated. The magic wand was turned on, which she REALLY enjoyed. A ballgag was added, and then the milking machine came in!! Sweetie moaned hard when the full sucion power was applied to her nipples. More painful at first than she had anticipated, but the magic wand helped her to get over the initial shock. With a nice long hard session, the farmer got her used to the machine. Tiny Sweety was exhausted after her milking. It was definitely what she had been looking for, but will she join the herd, or was it just a challenge for her? We will see if she comes back!

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  1. a very nice new hucow!!!!! she certainly has the desire … and the tits. it will be great to watch them grow and see her become part to the hucow herd.

  2. Is Sweetie Plum willing to endure breast enlargement treatments and milking sessions for several years and follow in the footsteps of Vina ? Hopefully Sweetie’s nipples and udders will grow and members will witness the change with each new Update. Time will tell.

  3. She seems like a perfect addition to the herd! Whatever you guys need to say or do to keep her around, please… we’ll be thankful for it :)

  4. Montmartre

    It would be nice to introduce her to other options, for example to the breasttrainingmachine for making her udders larger. It would be interesting to read more about her.

  5. It’s a shame so many women don’t know about this experience. One way of boosting enrolment would be to pluck them off the streets, and making them experience a full-strength milking for one hour, alongside full strength sexual stimulation.

    Let them know that they can give into their bovine instincts at any time by letting out a ‘moo’, and that doing so will result in them becoming a permanent resident. However, as a deterrent, make sure that they know that while mooing will give them the privilege of becoming a permanent hucow, doing so will come with a SEVERE punishment: the milking session will be terminated immediately!

    I’m sure smart hucows will be good at extracting delayed gratification!

  6. girlcowbev

    I would like to see this contract myself….

  7. vielversprechende Jungkuh mit schöner hellen und rosa Haut und zwar kleinem Euter aber ein großes Euter wird ihr schon auftrainiert. Die Zitzen halten etwas aus und sind schön in Farbe und Form.
    Wie sie an der Leine hereingeführt wird und sich dabei bewegt – die Kuh weiß um was es geht. Ich denke sie wird gut

  8. has Sweetie Plum returned?

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