I get a lot of requests from women and girls from all over the world to join the herd. Whether for shoots or for private experimenting, if you want to come to the barn and try the machines, you should be aware of the following:

  • I am located in the Netherlands (near Amsterdam), I am NOT in the USA
  • you can always visit me to try the machines, receive HuCow training, and/or stay over for a night or two, just email me
  • you don’t need to be lactating or have big boobs, I accept anyone for training and sessions
  • if you want to APPEAR on the website, I will pay you, in that case email me the following details about yourself:
    • your age
    • your height
    • your location
    • a link to your model portfolio or a few recent pictures of yourself, including a topless one

    Thanks for reading this, hope to see you soon!