Ariel – captured

Ariel – captured

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Cute school girl Ariel is bored, drawing something on the black board, when she suddenly gets captured and taken to the milking station. We have been spying on her big udders for a while, and we thought she was the perfect girl to be transformed into our latest HuCow. Ariel’s udders are just perfect. Perky, big, with forward pointing nipples. Or rather, downward pointing nipples, as she is cuffed on the milking bed. Our female farmer has a delicate touch, to comfort and calm the nervous Ariel. Her udders get oiled and she gets hooked up to the goat milker. The first milking sessions are always the most painful, but we immediately had a great result! Those teats doubled in size!

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  1. Awesome !!!!

  2. Another beautiful HuCOW added to the HERD. This milking session really increased the size of her teats. Maybe for her next session this Ariel can be milked in the barn along with Ariel Anderssen using the metal milking frame, RED COW MILKER AND CLIT PUMP

  3. milkman

    she is very hot I would like to fuck her!

    • Nip Trainer

      Those nips looked perfectly trained after this session. Stretched and pointy. Ready to be sucked. Excellent.

  4. Hot Libby

    Lovely tits and nipples

  5. Milking_machine2101

    Hi admin, I think you should use one of the milking cups on the Hucows clit instead of the actual clit pump. This could help to bring more orgasm to the sessions and also it would suck on the whole pussy.

  6. Chromium

    I’d like to see her with the double breast pump.

  7. you need to get a lovesense lush and lovesense hush to stimulate the hucows while milking, it would be amazing


  9. Unbedingt weiter melken, sie hat fürs melken gut geeignete Zitzen die bestimmt sehr lange werden

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