JJ Plush tries a milking machine

JJ Plush tries a milking machine

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We invited famous bondage star JJ Plush to try a milking machine! She would be a perfect HuCow with her big udders! We tied her udders tightly with rope for maximum pressure, and we told JJ to try the machine on her nipples. She was a bit apprehensive to try it, she only agreed to do this because she thought the machine wasn’t really working. It turns out this machine is one of the craziest milking machines we ever used. It has no release mode, only suction, which means it only gets tighter and tighter without ever releasing any air. You can imagine how much that hurt JJ’s poor sensitive nipples!

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  1. Good bondage on JJ’s big udders. The suction from this milking machine REALLY did make her sensitive nipples grow. Another bondage star HuCOWS.COM may want to feature in an Update is Mallory Knots.

  2. Hi Folks,
    Cows do not wear clothing!!!

  3. Mark Ostrander

    Love it that is how JJ big boobs should be taken care of. Breast bound and milked. I hope there is lots more of her being milked I hope In some of your evil devices.

    • Professor Andrew Silikovsky

      “Evil devices”? How dare you describe them so?! The are holy devices, doing God’s work! (Or if you prefer, Mother Nature’s work.) After all, it is completely unnatural for us to be drinking the milk of other species. This website is thus at the forefront of the crucial project of the development of human milk sources, and deserves our gratitude. Once we will have advanced sufficiently and developed industrial-scale human milking, this site will then continue in an artisanal vein (if not too busy accepting Nobel prizes and other accolades of a grateful humanity).

      • William48

        I agree with you and if girls get pregnant and have more girls that is good more milk and training.

      • Thank you for clarifying the purpose of this machinery. It is so true about this work being progressive, holy and natural. Many body builders are drinking hucow milk because of the positive medical benefits.
        What was once only a fantasy has become a reality. Industrial milk production is hopefully coming soon. You have a beautiful understanding of this process.

  4. Inustrial scale human milking, what a wonderful idea

  5. love the tied udders, increasing the pressure even more – all large udders should be tied like hers – growing their nipples through the relentless suction

  6. Have long loved JJ for her girdle, nylons and heels style – gorgeous. Would really like to see JJ connected up once again on here. And, as this shoot should demonstrate to anyone who could have doubted this, the barn would benefit from much more frequent ‘visitors’ of the MILF variety – and, please, ALWAYS keep the heels on!

  7. Calf Sucking on my Nipples the get Longer

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