Clara – new cow

Clara – new cow

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Clara was sitting on her bed as we watched her. She felt confident and sexy in her lingerie, her huge natural udders clearly visible. We just had to add her to the herd, no question about that! We haven’t seen such perfect natural udders in a long time! Clara was taken to our facilities and ended up on the milking bed, still in her lingerie. No problem, her udders were hanging free, swinging around in the milking opening as she struggled against her restraints. Clara had absolutely no idea where she was or what was going to happen to her. First sessions are always so good to watch! Oiling those big naturals and then applying the goat milker, our farmer was happy with this new addition. We will have to milk her a lot! Please welcome Clara to her new home with a nice comment below!

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  1. Magnificent breasts,make sure you get her back

  2. GirlCowBev

    She has lovely udders, to be sure. But doesn’t really do much. But lovely, hanging, swaying, heavy udders!

  3. Interesting. Clara is cute and had some nicely shaped breasts but it looks like she has no nipples at all or they are flattened. I suggest that maybe nipple enlargement should be conducted first as a pre-requisite to being strapped into the milking machine. In that way, the model subject can be prepared for the rigors of milk production eventually. Sorry but I only call them as I see them. Clara is very pretty and suffers quite a bit but the effectiveness of the goat milker is mainly for more prominent nipples. ~S

  4. Wowww welcome clara..

  5. Clara is so lovely, sitting on the bed in her lingerie. Beautiful big tits. She looks a perfect candidate for milking. WELCOME CLARA!

  6. Nip Trainer

    Well well well… Welcome Clara. It’s nice to see fit, naturally big titted model added to the stable…I’m assuming the milking bench will be the next stop?

  7. An excellent addition, she will hopefully learn to enjoy her new life.

    I love the stories/plots where you abduct natural busty women like this or off the street like Katerina. Suggestion: a beautiful busty Milf is walking along pushing her baby pram and is tragically noticed by the HuCows abduction team… next scene she is sobbing while being put through the milking bed :)

    What do you think admin?

  8. Welcome Clara!!! what great nipples!!

  9. Love it!! More of her please

  10. Wayne Cooksley

    Clara likes it when you use a goat milker on her nipples ? ?

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