Valentina Bianco – first training

Valentina Bianco – first training

This new cute HuCow needs a lot of work. So her first training is quite harsh. Valentina is kneeling when the farmer hands her some nipple clamps. They hurt a lot when she puts them on her sensitive nipples, but they will hurt a lot more coming off! Valentina will need nipple training AND breast training, so she is in for an interesting stay at the farm. After her nipple clamp ordeal, she is cuffed to a bench for the next part: the electronic breast training machine at high power. Her poor little udders get doubled in size inside the vacuum cups. Valentina has started her transformation. She hates it already, and we haven’t even started to milk her yet!

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  1. Welcome Valentina – it will be tough at first, but you will adapt quickly to your training and look forward to all that awaits

  2. I would love it if you could position the cows in Gyno stirrups for a full exam, while being milked.

    I’d love to be a cow one day.

  3. Valentina is so lovely, kneeling naked on the floor. Nice small tits. She looks a perfect candidate for nipple training AND breast training. WELCOME Valentina!

  4. NICE! Valentina Bianco is stunningly beautiful and gorgeous. Especially love her perky erect and hardened nipples. A good shoot for some nipple enarlargment therapy which is a good thing for the lovely Valentina. She is such a small and petite lady with a great attitude. Would like to see her in some more predicament type bdsm / fetish shoots. Overall a great shoot and continue with her treatment but focus on her nipples first!!

  5. Valentina is incredible. Her facial expressions and the amount of drool she produces makes her quite a desirable HuCow. Look at the way she wags her pussy, incredible. Hope to see more of this delicious HuCow, maybe with a finger inserted into her pussy as her nipples continue to be stretched. Would love to see the faces and the amount of drool she makes then.

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