Katie – nipple training on the treadmill

Katie – nipple training on the treadmill

We need to continue Katie’s nipple enhancement training, because her udders are large enough, but her nipples are still somewhat small. And we suddenly realized we never put her on the treadmill! She is such a docile HuCow and her udders are so perfect, we never even thought about giving her some exercise! All HuCows need to run once in a while, being locked up in the barn is not helping their production. They need to shake and swing those udders, and they need to stay in top shape to deal with the exhausting milking sessions! We made Katie run very fast, with a huge bell on her collar, while her nipples were being enlarge to 4 times their original size! That’s good training!

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  1. GirlCowBev

    So happy to see Katie back, absolutely one of the two best cows here.

  2. Northfarmer

    I would like to have Katie in my barn, so I can take lots of pictures of her well developed udders.

  3. Thanks for bringing back the treadmill.Great to see those tits jiggle while being milked.

  4. She needs a few orgasms to thank her for going through the training

  5. She looks great and I love her bell too.

    thx Katie!

  6. Bouncing breasts is always a treat as well as big nipples

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