Fayth – first milking session

Fayth – first milking session

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Tough girl Fayth thought she could handle a milking session. Locked to the milking frame by her collar, with her hands cuffed behind her back, she was feeling quite confident… until we applied some extra heavy nipple clamps! They pinch extra hard! We gagged Fayth for what was to come: pulling off the nipple clamps followed by the goat milker on full power. Fayth moaned and wriggled, this was a lot harder than she had expected! Her nipples are very sensitive and they got very puffy in the goat milker cups! Quite an extreme session for a first timer. We felt sorry for Fayth so we gave her a magic wand to play with after her session. Aren’t we the nicest farmers ever?

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  1. Welcome Fayth!!! what great nipples!! can’t wait until her udders and nips grow to their milking capacity. they are off to a great start

  2. very hot girl, if she wish I can lend her my dick for she to play!

  3. I bet she would have LOVED having those clamps put back on after the milking ;) ;)

  4. GirlCowBev

    Without question one of the best videos yet. And those teats have seen milking service before. A great setup for a cow like her would be to mount the wand beneath her so it can be pulled away from her pussy–so if she wants to come, she has to stretch her teats harder and harder just to reach it. A terrible dilemma for a new cow, but a great method for stretching teats!

  5. udderlover

    Fayth has great udders.Those nipples just beg to be put in the machine cups to give them a good milking.

  6. RoperCliff

    Fond of Fayth from many venues. She’s definitely the kind of barnyard animal I’d love to have around the house.

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