Olga fucked and sucked

Olga fucked and sucked

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It is Olga’s turn today and she is a happy HuCow. Smiling and peaceful, Olga takes any session with ease. Even a powerful milking today with the goat milker. Her teats will be almost tripled in size, making them very long and sensitive, but Olga is okay with that because we placed a fucking machine behind her. The slow shallow fucking motion keeps her happy and makes her forget about the milking discomfort. She can not climax at this slow speed, but she is happy we at least let her out of her chastity belt (you can still see the belt marks on her). We are not sure about our orgasm policy yet. Should HuCows be allowed to play with themselves or should they only get ‘reward orgasms’ during milking, while they are in bondage?

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  1. Olga’s udders are really looking good, nice big teats!!! I think its ok for HuCows to pleasure themselves, but love them in chastity. Also loved to see them getting the fucking machine, too. so I love ALL the options.

  2. The GOAT MILKER really did help Olga’s sensitive nipples and udders grow in size. Maybe the speed of the fucking machine could have been slowly increased to give Olga an orgasm during this session.

  3. They should never be allowed to pleasure themselves without permission. And they always be restrained when having orgasms administered. You know how rowdy some cows get when they cum. Wouldn’t want them getting hurt!

  4. I definitely believe a hucow should only get reward orgasms and, if possible, orgasms from milking. Kind of like a regular cow really desires to be milked. Of course, it is up to the hucows owner / Farmer to decide.

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