Denise – oral training

Denise – oral training

18 year old Denise is now a permanent HuCow and she will need a lot of training. The farmer likes to combine a few things, like nipple enlargement and oral training, to make the sessions more efficient. Of course, there has been discussion if breeding and oral training are supposed to be part of the pure HuCow lifestyle training, but here at we definitely think that they should be. Denise needs to learn to be a good submissive, as well as an obedient HuCow. And the farmer (of course) would like some pleasure in return for his hard work. Please discuss in the comments if you think this should be part of the training more often.

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  1. The other option would be a dildo at the top of a pole for Denise to suck on. Denise is tied to the pole, and has to bob her head back and forth to suck properly.

    Have a counter to measure how many times she bobs, and ring a bell so the farmer can turn off the udder pumps after she reaches a target goal?

  2. a great idea – perhaps a triple combination…. oral training, milking and the fucking machine

  3. Id love to see Thiccy Niccy in oral training

  4. She is my favorite!!

  5. QUESTION – What is every male farmer’s fantasy ? ANSWER – To have a DROP DEAD GORGEOUS , blonde eighteen year old HuCow with big natural udders suck his cock before , during and after her milking session. YES – Oral Training and Breeding should be a part of some milking sessions as various machines are used to enlarge the size of a HuCows’ nipples and or udders.

  6. ANSWER TO MITCH – ugghh!!! NO! Would much rather see the lovely female model Denise strapped onto a sybian orgamic climax machine pushing her to the very limit and begging to cum but only to be continually frustrated while the vaccuum machine greedily sucks on her nipples with the suctions tubes and confined in a very compromising position unable to move, unable to cum and unable to control any other her movements and functions.

    • Second that request. And don’t forget the huge gag or deepthroat training.

    • POLITE ANSWER TO STEVE – Like your suggestion to have Denise ride the Sybian. Hopefully there will be many Updates with DENISE in the future for members to enjoy.

  7. Yes! Oral training should be required for all hucows. It would be great to see Vina or Katie put through that training!

  8. when comes a new update with Olga?

  9. When comes a new update with Vina?

  10. Nip Trainer

    I like to see the machines do all the work on the farm. If you’re going to do oral training, use the dildo oral training machine from Metal Bondage. That fits more with this site.

  11. Nip Trainer

    Also, poor Denise 😈

  12. Would like to see another update for Natalia Forrest!

  13. Would love to see Cory Spice return to this site! Loved her PIERCED NIPPLES and POUTY EXPRESSION OF SUBMISSIVE EYES!

  14. Love to see her getting fucked while milked

  15. ballundur

    Yes to more breeding and oral as part of the training. And Denise is one fine addition to the farm!

  16. Yes blowjob and breeding should be a part of training. I was a member years ago but didn’t stay because there was no sex. But if cream pies and cum swallowing were added on top of the nipple sucking that would be great. Would diffidently consider rejoining.

  17. Dildos, vibrators and sybians are cool to, but for me male farmer involvement is the best. Yes to oral, to breeding, before, while, and after. (maybe even anal to)

  18. Very good idea! It even could be a challenge, the milking machine stops as soon as the farmer cums, so the HuCow would be motivated to do the best job.

  19. wraith_five

    Yes I think more oral, breeding and even anal training and interactions with the farmer would be great. After all, no sense wasting a Hucow’s holes when they could be providing pleasure just as her breasts provide milk. Don’t waste any of her body’s uses. For those who would prefer more machines, I agree with that as well. No reason you can’t have both. A farmer has many hucows after all and can’t give personal attention to them all. But no sense not to train them with machines so they are always ready when called upon.

  20. Every hole should be used by the farmer! Hucows should not be just inactive, idle participants they should also reciprocate actively to the farmer for his hard work of taking care of them, by actively giving him pleasure. Or the farmer should reap his reward on the inactive, tied hucows. His work deserves reward! I might even suggest using ring gags for blowjobs on unwilling hucows. His reward is essential!

  21. Well, if a cow is having its udders milked the way they need to be, it seems only fair that it return the great favor being done to it by milking the farmer’s cock the way it should be. I mean, that’s just basic courtesy!

    By the way, not that I’m a luddite, but I’d love to see a good old-fashioned manual milking of a lactating cow.

  22. Patricia

    It’s absolutely marvelous to see Denise eagerly serving the farmers cock! I love him playing with her tits and directing her head by her ponytail! Light nipple pinching and slapping would also be great. For me the farmer cumming would also be and integral part of the shot, the hucow needs feedback that she made a good job, and the farmer also deserves the release. I think swallowing is a feature of a good submissive, and breeding is completed with a creampie, but for variety other places are also fine for cumshots.

  23. HopefulHucow22

    Personally I think machines make it better. If oral training is cycled into the routine I prefer the farmer stays hands off and has a machine take care of it

    • Nip Trainer

      Agree. The machines are what makes the site different. Adding in a person makes it less interesting.

  24. Pussy Hunter

    The farmer in the black outfit adds a very erotic touch and wow Denise is a stunner. More interactions with the farmer please.

  25. Montmartre

    It’s nice to see something from Denise every time. I think, she could be made more sensitive, perhaps with triple pumping. It would make her more docile, if her clit would be trained in a strong way.

  26. Yes, more oral

  27. agree that a HuCow should be used properly and should be able to thank the farmer for his work so training of her holes should be part of the sessions. i agree that when cows are many the use of machines will make the training more consistent and efficient and the cow will consider a treat being fully used by the farmer. i just wish i were that lucky cow

  28. Yes, more oral training Would be perfect.

  29. I think ALL THOSE COWS need Oral training.

  30. Want2kmow

    What’s her full name?

  31. I believe the hucow should have regular oral training by the farmer. Machines don’t excite me, I much prefer to show appreciation the most appropriate way by being used by the farmer for his complete satisfaction – orally, vaginally and definitely anally.

  32. BinaryCode

    Hi, it was really worth buying the access.
    An idea for Denise: you can clamp her to the electronic breast training machine with goat milker cups. Then you fix her hair with a plug and a rope in her butt hole so that she can no longer lower her head and use her cow hole for breeding. With every hard push she has to moo like a cow. If she forgets, she gets a slap on the butt. When you’re done, you attach the tower of pain to her udders and let her lick your penis clean. This will advance her training to become a cow.

  33. The farmer should put her on a hormone-program to get her scrumptious udders to begin lactating. I think she is too young to destroy her cute body with pregnancy at this moment. She can wait at least until she is in her mid twentys Then she could get a calf each year until she reaches her menopause. She has two milk-glands so she can nurse each calf until they are two years. The excess of the milk should be sold on auction for the customers.

  34. So beautiful and so eager to please.

  35. More of Denise please. Love to se her being milked together with Katie Thornton.

  36. graylion

    I like the calf feeding bucket. Have a girl empty it by sucking the teat and spitting out the water. That should be good training.

  37. Definitely more sex with her..! Breeding would be awesome <3

  38. 5 months… No one oral training updates.

    • Haha, I can assure you there has been enough oral training going on here.
      I will try to film that a bit more.

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