Welcome, Diamondly!

Welcome, Diamondly!

This 19-year old girl has been brought to our facilities to receive further training. Yes, she has already been trained before, but her owner wants her to transform into a real HuCow. Bigger udders, bigger teats, proper training in obedience, and getting used to procedures. Our intake is quite harsh for such young girls, and Diamondly was scared out of her mind. Our assessment room is equipped with all the necessary gear that will get her started in her new life as a HuCow. She was chained to the bed and fitted with nipple suckers to prepare her. Then the pink pumping bra came out, her udders got oiled up, and Diamondly had to deal with the horror of having her udders pumped to triple the size. Unfortunately, she will have to get a lot of sessions before we can return her, but she is still young so she has a lot of time to become a good HuCow!

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  1. Poor girl … once her udders have been pumped up several sizes and her nipples are stretched, she will never want to leave. She doesn’t know it yet, but she has found her place – hucow heaven.

  2. Nice to have another beautiful HuCow added to the herd. It is always nice to watch a HuCow’s udders slowly grow in size within the clear cups of the pink pumping bra. Maybe Diamondly needs the Clit Pump to help her get through future sessions.—Like Little Lanta—(Hu255-November 16, 2019)

  3. Don’t these HuCows know it yet, but their milk could be the cure the world needs in the outbreak of Covid 19!

  4. were is the goat milker ?

  5. Geil Bild ich würde gerne mal die vedio mir ansehe wie bekommen ich an die vedio

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