Darina – goat milker routine

Darina – goat milker routine

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We have been milking Darina for almost 4 years now, she has come a long way! Much more docile, the machines don’t hurt her as much anymore, and her udders have gone very soft and squeezable. With her big nipples, Darina is perfect for regular milking sessions on the more extreme machines, like the goat milker. We still like to keep her in bondage all the time, which is strange, because she doesn’t need it. She would let us milk her without any restraints. Still, locking her in a milking position and gagging her feels like the right thing to do! Enjoy this session of Darina’s soft udders hooked to the goat milker!

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  1. love Darina’s udders and nipples – fabulous!!!!!!!!!

  2. I would suggest that after the cupping suction scene placing those pesky elastic castration bands upon Darina’s nipples to keep them fully erect and perky.

    • What a great idea, Steve! Darina looks like a spoiled brat, beautyful, and she knows it! I bet she needs to be put in her right Place.

  3. Good Update with this beautiful HuCow with her big nipples. The goat milker helped to make Darina’s nipples even bigger. Is there a farmer who would not like to have the opportunity of milking her soft and squeezable udders ?

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