Katie – more exercise

Katie – more exercise

Exercise is so important for the HuCows in our herd! Katie is always on her hands and knees, she needs to get up and do a little workout! Good thing we have our treadmill to train our HuCows, so they can stay inside and safely burn some calories. With Katie’s large udders, it’s important for her to stay healthy and strong enough to carry around all that weight. Those udders weigh so much!! First, we make Katie walk the treadmill in high heels, very hard for a HuCow, but she still remembers how to walk in shoes. Her huge bell clanking, her udders swaying, she gets milked at the same time. After a while she is allowed to take off her shoes to go a bit faster! Katie produced some drops again, it is really going well!

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  1. Has it really been five years since her first Update on April 4, 2015 ? It was nice seeing some drops of milk coming from her left nipple after the cups of the electronic breast training were removed from Katie’s huge massive udders.

  2. Vina really needs to come back for a workout, naked like Katie so we can see her jiggle

  3. So glad to see Katie producing! We need to milk her a little more frequently and she’ll be gushing like a geyser before we know it!

  4. And at last the first few drops of vaccine are produced from Katie, the World will be save thanks to all your hard work!
    Now we need to step up production, to say five or six pints per day there’s a lot of people to save!

  5. Wonderful Katie – have seen her progression!!!! – she truly is the MOTHER OF ALL HUCOWS!!!!!!!
    my top is off for you!!!!!!!!!

  6. Nip Trainer

    HuCow training is hard work and effort. And now the work is paying off!

  7. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use this machine on her more, Katie is the best cow by far. Love this site more and more each update

  8. Hot Libby

    Ring that bell, Katie!

  9. Hopefully with relentless, regular milking sessions they can reestablish a full flow from her udders again. She’s gaining weight too which is an erotic plus.

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