Ariel – milked from above

Ariel – milked from above

Young Ariel has been through a lot already. She is always kept in bondage, because she can not be trusted yet, and her nipples need clamps most of the time to keep them prepared. Without bondage, Ariel would take off the clamps, she is not completely docile yet. The harsh clover clamps pinch her nipples so they become a little longer for better milking grip with our electronic breast training machine. She is chained to the wall, flat on her back, and the milking cups are dangling above her. She can’t move much, all she can do is lie there and get milked. It’s rather painful after a while, so we dangled a magic wand between her legs for a bit of distraction.

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  1. This beautiful women with her big udders has moved herself into the running in the competition for best HuCow in the herd behind Katie Thornton and Katarina Hartlova. The electronic breast training machine needs to be used as often as possible to increase the size of her nipples. A polite Fourth REQUEST to have this ARIEL along with ARIEL ANDERSSEN milked in the barn using the metal milking frame, RED COW MILKER and CLIT PUMP. Are there any other members who think it would be a good idea to milk the two ARIELs side by side ?

    • Absolutely! But please make sure Ariel Anderssen is gagged. That heifer doesn’t know how to shut up lol

  2. This has to be done to Katie or Katerina ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ amazing position, one of the best yet!

  3. ( อกยฐ อœส– อกยฐ)

  4. Hucowlover

    She looks beautiful in bondage. You did good to put nipple clamps as it is necessary. If she takes of the clamps without bondage you need to put those harsh clamps after milking also so that she can cope with clamps.

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