Cindy Dollar – induced

Cindy Dollar – induced

Another result! Cindy Dollar has been with us for a while and we tried a few things to get her body adjusted to her new life, like allowing her to bring a friend over, but inducing takes a while in some HuCows, and sometimes they require countless milking sessions. With Cindy, it was easy when we realized she is a hypersexual HuCow. Touching her clit makes her highly aroused, creating the hormones we need for our training! So it was a session on the milking frame in the barn, with continuous magic wand stimulation that finally revealed the first drop of milk for Cindy! We just need to keep her horny all of the time! The best way to do that is to enlarge her clit, so next time we will have to get the triple milking configuration out for Cindy!

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  1. It is nice to have an Update with Cindy Dollar since it has been twenty months since her last Update with Nicole Vice. This beautiful HuCow finally produced a drop of milk from her left nipple after this session. Maybe a double breast pump can be used in her next Update to see if Cindy is ready to give milk from each of her udders.

  2. So glad to see real milk coming from some of our cows on camera! Personally, I think you need to get some bulls in there and start knocking up the cows. That will definitely get the milk flowing!

  3. Hucowlover

    Please take hucow 54 back. I really like her last video specially when you milk her with red cow milker and after that clamp her sore sensitive nipples. Please take her back again and do the same to her specially the nipple clamp part after milking. I think she is 24/7 hucow and she is so obedient and well trained.

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