Chessie Kay – the cow milker test

Chessie Kay – the cow milker test

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Some time ago we ran a test with an old cow milker. We did not know anything about this machine yet, so we needed to select a HuCow from our barn who was kind of obedient and resilient. Chessie Kay seemed a perfect candidate with her huge round udders and perky nipples. She was locked in a chastity belt and a lot of heavy metal restraints already, that’s how we kept her, and she approached the milking frame with some hesitation. We quickly locked her to the frame, bending her over so her nipples went exactly into the cow milker cups. It was only a short test, and the results were not what we expected. We haven’t used this cow milker since, because we upgraded to the red cow milker, but we might fix it some day and try it again!!

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  1. Nice to see Chessie Kay again since her last Update was a little over two years ago. Any farmer would love to milk her huge round udders.

  2. Beautiful setup for a HuCow. Nice to see Chessie again after all these years.

    Would love to see other big udders on this setup with the red cow milker, like Katie or Ariel. Just add a Gag and it’s perfect.

  3. Nice to see the bimbo hucow Chessie again. I see the chastity belt was put on her, to stop the bulls from using her too much? Or was she already bred and the bulls were wasting their seed in her? Regardless, hope to see more of her and her bimbo friend Jasmine!

  4. This set up is great! Love the bondage used. Needs to be used on Katie or Katerina! Love the big breasted cows 🤪

  5. Recently checked her twitter account, and discovered she’s very pregnant!! You guys must get her back in these milking machines once she gives birth!!

  6. matthew meuleman

    she needs tags staiting that she is a milker

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