Ariel Anderssen – goat milker full power

Ariel Anderssen – goat milker full power

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Ariel Anderssen is really making good progress! Look at all the sessions she has done already! The problem is: her nipples are super sensitive. Is it a good idea to give her a full power goat milker session today? Well, she needs to get through this training, so we think it was necessary. It is not easy to watch… Ariel screams as the goat milker relentlessly pumps her sensitive nipples. She is cuffed to the milking bed so she can’t stop the machine, and her nipples get longer and longer, shaping them in the form of a teat inside the cups. Not for the faint of heart, but if you want to see real hucow training, don’t miss this video!

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  1. I love this… I hope you find a cow with huge breasts and very sensitive nipples.. it’d be so great to see Katerina or a model of her build like this

    • Bman—POLITELY—Update-HU 134-(July 22,2017) features KATARINA HARTLOVA’S huge natural udders hanging downward through the opening in the milking bed. It ranks as one of the best Updates on this Website.

      • Oh I’ve seen em… can’t wait for more. I’ve been following this site since they’ve started, you can see my comments on some of the first videos! I can’t wait till there are more busty cows. Love every update either way.

  2. That’s right scream lil hucow wanna-be! One day you will be worthy!

  3. It is nice to see this British bondage model cuffed on the milking bed with the cups of the goat milker over her sensitive nipples. The power of the goat milker really worked to make Ariel’s nipples longer and her screams of pain let members know this was another tough session for her. Maybe in her next Update ARIEL ANDERSSEN can be shackled and strapped to the padded metal milking frame like the other Ariel in the barn—Update-HU 265-January 25, 2020-(red cow milker and fucking machine).

  4. Nip Trainer

    Could we please gag this pathetic Hucow so she doesn’t scare the other members of the herd?

    • Dear Nip-trainer I shouldn’t worry about Ariel Anderssen, she’s always complaining about something. You should hear her when she’s getting her bottom spanked scarlet with a paddle. You’d almost think she didn’t enjoy it.

      • No, I agree with Nip Trainer here. This cow has no respect for her Farmer and should know when to shut her mouth (ALWAYS). Until she learns, she must be gagged at all times.

        • Dear Kelly maybe a big bulldog clip on her tongue? she can always tell the farmer when she’s had enough and will behave from now on. Oh wait… she can’t can she. Never mind at least it would keep her quite.

  5. Is this an A cup hucow? Can you aquire a hucow like this for less the sell her for a profit once she meets standard production? Or does she have the same or higher daily cost of ownership? Which may result in a break even or loss?

  6. a permanen facecam is needed in these videos


  8. ich denke ihr Euter wird nicht sehr viel größer, aber mit kräftigem Training bekommen wir die Zitzen sehr viel länger, was dann ja auch gut ist

  9. You need to lay jj plush or godie blair mummified head to toe and strapped to the table then let that milk machine go to town.

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