Katie – milk maid

Katie – milk maid

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We let Katie out of the barn for a few hours! She is now docile enough to be wandering around, and there are many chores to be done around the farm. We dress her up as a French maid, in extremely high heels, and we lock her in a prison waist chain. The chains are just long enough for her to reach the dishes, which have been piling up. Katie needs to make sure she cleans the pans and we will supervise her doing her first job as an official milk maid! Of course, we wouldn’t waste any time training her, so we added the double breast pump to pump her nipples while she works. Katie finds it exhausting and hard to focus on her task, she’s getting tired of being milked all day long, but she’s a HuCow, and she will be a HuCow forever!

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  1. Boobguy

    Great update! this definitely needs to be done to Vina too!

  2. I like the frequently updates with Katie. We need to see her at least once a month. She represents all HuCows of the farm.
    Her Udders tied up are beautiful, please do this more often. It can only have positiv affects to the milk flow. Maybe next time hide a magic wand under her dress or keep her dressed like that in the barn? Maybe also as a nurse? But keep the ropes on her Udders in mind.

  3. robaloo

    Am so glad she is getting out for a change of pace, but still milking those udders!!!! 2 quarts please … once a hucow …. well, that’s it!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Update thirty-two for Katie Thornton and her huge massive udders. Would hope to have Updates with Ariel, Katarina Hartlova and Vina like this one. They are the other top HuCows in the barn.

  5. We love Katie a lot! Hope to see more of her all the time <3

  6. Katie is just amazing! If she were gagged, it would be perfect.

    • I totally forgot about that. Very important!!
      Maybe a bigger one than the gag she wore quite a while ago? Like Katie Udders. Bigger = better

  7. I wish Katie was my maid!

  8. Agreed

  9. LatexAndBagLover

    She is absolutely beautiful. Would really love to see more of her. For the next time: please tie her tits with tape. Maybe you could even mummify her in trash bags with just her tits sticking out for milking. And please don’t forget a biiiiig gag.

  10. The best cow in the best movi with best pump.

    A gag ball and a transportable fucking machine and, a little more harder, electro shocks for the cow.

    this is my dream :-)

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