Cobie – more udder expansion

Cobie – more udder expansion

Our Australian HuCow Cobie is continuing her udder expension sessions! Last time, she was on her knees as the electronic breast training machine pumped her udders bigger and rounder than they already were. Cobie was exhausted, but we need to continue her expansion. This time we have muzzled her and chained her to the milking frame. She is still locked in her chastity belt, nothing we can do about that as we are not her official owner. But the belt is not in the way of pumping her perfect round udders! Getting pumped is hard, and Cobie is soon very tired, but the machine just goes on and on… we even use infrared tissue stimulation mode!

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  1. Nice to see this Australian bondage model again since it has been eight and a half months since her last Update. Secured to the padded milking frame Cobie’s firm round udders slowly grew within the orange cups of the electronic breast training machine. More sessions like this one should give Cobie the bigger udders she is looking for.

  2. Hot Libby

    Go Aussie Go! Oui, oui, oui!

  3. robaloo

    udderly beautiful

  4. Hucowlover

    This hucow has nice teats.

  5. That gag &/or the regular ballgag need 2B used on all of these juicy sluts!
    Also, nipple clamps B4 &/or after pumping is a great idea!

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