Little Lanta – red cow milker

Little Lanta – red cow milker

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Our little captured gymnast girl is ready for the red cow milker now! That’s always an exciting moment in a HuCow’s training program. Cute Little Lanta doesn’t seem to be very excited about it though. She is leashed to the milking station with a heavy chain, waiting for what is to come. The farmer pats her on the head to make this little pet HuCow at ease, but Little Lanta is still scared. And rightly so: the red cow milker is the most powerful machine and her perfect round udders are very sensitive. She knows it is part of her training, but she is definitely not looking forward to so much power on her poor nipples!

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  1. robaloo

    her udders are making progress

  2. Nice to have another Update with this beautiful long black haired HuCow after only seventeen weeks. What farmer would not want to have the privilege of applying massage oil over her perfect round udders before placing the cups of the red cow milker over her sensitive nipples ?

    • NICE! Little Lanta looks so wonderfully innocent pure and Virgin like. A great looking and beautiful model with such perky erect and hardened nipples that look so precious. Would love to see her experience some more nipple suction with clear and smaller diameter suction tubes to harden her NIPPLES. Strongly recommend that this website invest in a pair of elastomerss and a bag of castration bands which can be stretched and placed on the models nipples to increase the sensation as well as keep the models nipples elongated hardened and erect pettiness. Little Land a is gorgeous and should cum back for more. NICE!

  3. Look at her eyes, she’s like a little bunny caught in the headlights of a fast moving car!

  4. Chuckles

    This an outstanding scene! Little Lanta looks so gorgeous! Her pose accentuates her “assets”. There is a nice, long milking. And she obviously doesn’t enjoy her situation as much as I do.
    I’d love to see her in more scenes, especially one like Darina in sc133 and Samantha in sc136 with a ballgag.

  5. Why no bitgag?

  6. Her curvy body is such a turn on. He nipples look real purkyafter the milking machine. Would love to see a longer video with more pumping

  7. These updates are BY FAR my favourite! The model kneeling and locked in the frame, hands handcuffed behind the back with either the goat or cow milker.. if it was up to me we would have an update like this EVERY SINGLE WEEK!!

  8. Carina Simonsen

    I might be married with kids.
    But my curvy body, huge udders, fertile uterus and extremely submissive personality, doesn’t deserve to live as a free woman.
    I deserve to be taken against my will, and kept in a barn I chains, used as the worthless body I am.

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