HuCow 38 – new purchase

HuCow 38 – new purchase

Times are hard right now. Many farmers are struggling, keeping HuCows is expensive! But that’s good news for us, as we can sometimes acquire HuCows from other farms that can’t afford to stable them anymore. This one was recently delivered, tagged with number 38. Very nice plump udders, and well fed! We have to make sure our new HuCow 38 is eased into her new environment, so let’s make her feel comfortable on the milking bed. A fucking machine always helps, it seems to calm them down. HuCow 38 will have a long way to go, but it’s nice to have fresh livestock once in a while, we might be able to purchase a few more soon!

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  1. HuCow 38 with her plump udders looks like a nice addition to the herd. I would have removed the blindfold, nose hook, and headgear before cuffing her wrists and ankles to the posts of the milking bed. Observing eye movement and facial expressions lets the farmer know how much progress each HUCow makes during milking sessions. Maybe in her next Update # 38 can be secured to the metal milking frame in the barn and the red cow milker used to pump her udders.

  2. Owe nice a plump hucow! Fatten that heffer up ! A good breed &feed video should be a nice change. Use a hucow like this ‘ she looks like she could handle a feeding tube!

  3. I agree with rj, more of your livestock should be breeding or inspected for breeding. Artificial insemination and inspection showing the breeding/birthing canal would be a nice change.

    • This sounds so amazing omg. Please do this Admin! Especially with Vina or Katie!

  4. Wow a nice cow indeed! Hope you got here for a good price, this cow definitely was made for milking and a good fill of of that puffy pussy. Maybe get her into the stables! And let her get milked again!

  5. Realistic man

    Stop paying your money for these big cows or you wont have enough to afford caprice

  6. A great acquisition. Hopefully Hucows will continue with a ‘feeding’ regimen and bringing her into ‘visible’ milk production. As some suggest, so too a breeding program established via artificial insemination or some duty bull. This farmer can bring up his bottom line by adopting the newborns out to barren couples for a tidy profit. The same goes for other permanent herd animals.

  7. Hucowlover

    38 has very nice teats, though she is not very docile, she makes noise too much. Nice to see blindfold and nose hook attached to keep her in bondage. Nice to see livestock hucows first 54 and now 38. 38 need more harsh training. I think her previous farmer is not very strict to her.

    • Thank you. I think she needs time. It has been a stressful move.

      • Hucowlover

        Give cow 38 some time to get comfortablein in her new place. Hope cow 54 or 38 will come back in red cow milker training petty soon.

    • predhead

      Not all cows are docile, and I enjoy one that can be a bit feisty. Could even shoot a video in which other members of the herd train 38 to be submissive using a variety of bondage, strap-ons, gags, and other devices.

  8. Lostarion

    She is a nice new HuCow for the farm. It looks like your casting call in the forum was a success. It is also a premiere; she is the first HuCow ever fucked by machine already during her first training.
    It is a great update, because it has a little bit of a plot in it and it is long (nearly 14 min!): She is caged, afterwards she is inspected and finally milked on the bed.
    I like the new combination of the milking bed with a fucking machine. I would love to see also other HuCows with the same treatment.
    Finally, the earmark is a great new asset. I would love to see the earmark together with HJBPCCS both in the same colour rolled out to almost all (active) HuCuws. (I respect it, if a butt plug is beyond the limit of the model).
    In this case Yellow might be used for HuCows newly purchased. Their milk must be tested before being sold. I am thinking of a more complete proposal for a HuCow ear mark and jewel butt plug colour coding system (HEMJBPCCS). I am going to post it on the “website news and suggestions” in the next days.

  9. Will there be more of hucow 38

  10. […] was all new and brought in as a new HuCow on the farm, and she was very scared. Kept blindfolded and harness gagged, her new owners tried to get her to […]

  11. I wish that was me…

    You should kidnap me and force me into this life. Brainwash me until I forget the life I had before I was kidnapped against my will and made into an obedient hucow 🥵

    • Yeah you are so correct… Indeed u can make it happen if u change your dressing style…

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