Aisha – nipple enlargement

Aisha – nipple enlargement

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Remember the cute and curious young Persian girl Aisha? If not, check out her amazing update here, where she literally transforms into a captured HuCow. Today, she finds herself in the barn, completely naked, with tied udders. Yes, this is the same girl! The farmer finds out that her tiny face can actually fit one of the largest ballgags (2.75 inch!!), which looks amazing with her upgraded septum piercing. Aisha is scared but determined to be a good HuCow. In this session, her nipples will be tripled in size, to prepare her for milking sessions in the future. It is a lot of vacuum power, especially on tied udders, but Aisha knows she has to go through this training to become more valuable and a farmer’s (and member) favorite!

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  1. AISHA looks beautiful , kneeling , collar secured to the wooden milking frame , red ball gagged , long jet black hair in two pony tails and her udders tied and supported by a white rope harness. The Vacuum Therapy Machine worked well enlarging Aisha’s nipples to three times their current size. Would like to see an Update with Aisha riding the Sybian and the RED Cow Milker pumping her udders .

  2. NICE! Lovely Aisha is exceptional and gorgeous with her perky nipples. Love the vaccuum therapy machine to enlarge and perk up her lovely nipples. SECOND the request for the Aisha sitting on top of a Sybian machine to entice her future development. Would also request that following the nipple enlargement therapy a pair of green elastic castration bands be fitted to her nipples to increase, prolong and elongate her beautiful nipples. NICE!

  3. What a gag! And so great to see her septum piercing upgraded from the smaller ring to this big one!

  4. We Have To Get More Aisha

  5. We need more of her!

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