HuCow 69 – red cow milker

HuCow 69 – red cow milker

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HuCow 69 was purchased (rescued actually) from a failing farm. She turned out to be very well trained and promising. There’s milk in those big udders already! We just need to get it flowing again. Fortunately, we have the most powerful milker available: the red cow milker. Now this is not for the untrained HuCow, but 69 can handle a lot of torment on her nipples. Especially when she is blindfolded and stimulated with a magic wand to keep her mind occupied. The farmer relentlessly milks her with the red cow milker till she starts to drip milk. He immediately rewards her with a high speed magic wand orgasm, so HuCow 69’s mind will get conditioned that milk drops are a good thing. Very good indeed! Enjoy this perfect session, JOIN now to support our farm and possibly save more abandoned HuCows!

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  1. Good Update. Nice to see droplets of milk coming from her left udder. Maybe the double breast pump could be used to pump milk from HuCow 69’s big udders in her next Update.

  2. That nose ring is just the right size…something all your cows could benefit from.

  3. a perfect hucow – from her mask/blindfold and nose ring to the udders to the very receptive orgasms,…mooing with delight, i trust

  4. This time she gets the red cow milker. Her ear tag and nose ring looks great. she drops some milk when milker release her udders … just wow.

    • Ranchlife

      I need more of you. Show me something plz….I can be a switch for you.

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