Lisa in the basement

Lisa in the basement

Lisa is a lovely HuCow with big udders, but we simply can’t put everyone in the barn. So we stored Lisa in the basement. We fitted her with a big new shiny nose ring and cuffed her to a chair. But we didn’t forget about her! Her nipples still red from her last milking, she gets fitted with a huge ballgag for today’s session. Lisa may have big udders, her nipples are still small. We manage to make them 5 times bigger with our electronic breast training machine! That hurts, but it has to be done. Lisa makes nice moo sounds during the entire session and she can only hope this training will be over soon!

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  1. Enjoyed watching her nipples being stretched and slowly enlarging in size within the clear cups of the electronic breast training machine. Maybe in her next Update Lisa can be secured to the milking bench and the red cow milker used to pump her big udders like Katie Thornton in Hu141 or Katarina Hartlova in HU300. The shiny nose ring should have been removed because it was a distraction when viewing Lisa’s facial expressions during this Update.-(My Opinion)

  2. beautiful Hucow with great udders, why are the Hucows always prepared for milking by an invisible farmer and not by a sexy farmer’s wife, nice to see but it also gives the opportunity to make a longer video and maybe even photos

  3. BIG noserings are so HOT

  4. Her nipple stretching was very nice and farmer didn’t allow her sore nipples to heal. I think this is the nose ring every hucow should be fitted. Without a proper septum ring hucows don’t looks like a proper hucow. Lisa is a old and well trained hucow so she needs to looks like one. This shiny thick and big septum ring makes her look like a proper hucow. Not just look it will help her mind to become docile. Because big and heavy septum ring sends signal to her hucows mind and made them peaceful and more accepting. Wants to see more hucows fitted with this type of septum ring.

  5. This nose ring is a game-changer; Every hucow should be fitted with one–like it or not–as it’s literally for their own good. Even better, it allows normal people to identify a hucow when they see one. In a perfect world, there would be a literal loss of human status, once the ring was permanently fitted. It’s for their own good, after all….

    • hucowlover

      Agree with you. This septum ring is their identity. Without it their mind stuck between human and cow. But implementing it makes them proper hucow and they find their true hucow identity.

    • I think I would accept everything that is seen on this page willingly, except the nose ring, I don’t know why, but it causes me great rejection.

      • hucowlover

        Ok lovely if you have limitations than it is your trainers duty to respect your limitations. You can try fake one made of plastic or septum tag like hucow 210 has on 26/12/20 update, if it fits you well.

  6. More videos with Lizzie!

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