Dina Ket – teen fitness girl captured

Dina Ket – teen fitness girl captured

The farmer spotted this ultra toned tall teen girl in the gym. Dina Ket has teen udders of course, but that’s not what the farmer noticed. He noticed her perfect big nipples! Those would be amazing for training sessions! Before Dina realized, she woke up in the barn, with her tiny wrists secured to the wall and a harness gag strapped into her mouth. Her neck was locked in a metal collar and her nipples were hurting from a pair of clover clamps. There was nothing she could do to stop the farmer from applying the electronic breast training machine (with goat milker cups) to her nipples. Dina was confused but strangely enough she did not struggle much. In fact, she seemed to get turned on by the milking process! Her nipples got doubled in size. Dina found her new home, she is a HuCow now!

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  1. DINA was blessed with big nipples but needs to go through the same treatments that worked to increase the size of VINA’s udders.

    • agreed…needs much bigger udders… her frame can handle it – she is a hucow now!!!!

  2. mmmm will love to see her progress as she is fattened up into the true hucow mold — nice before pics – let see some boobs around those nips

  3. Der_Hesse

    Wonderful, just wonderful. Those udders – and first the nipples. Please, please, more of her.

  4. hucowlover

    New models are coming nice to see. Slim and sexy hucow. Nice nipple, her udders need some growth. Train her with electronic breast training machine.


    COOL! But can we get some military dressed Hucows for some extreme milking rendition. GO GRL FRCE!

  6. I love this tender lady. Can we have Dina back soon for an even bit more extreem experience?!!!!

  7. Toutes les femelles blanches filles et sissy devraient servir comme vaches laitières au moins pendant quelques mois dans leur existence pour savoir où se trouve leur vraie place dans la vie…

  8. DINA needs training, thats all! her nipples will grow and so will her udders. Keep her body in shape and you will have a lot of fun also in future

  9. Bradley Grace

    Is it just me , but she seems to be looking down on her erect clit wishing that was being pumped too.

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