Nora Sparkle – new HuCow orgasms

Nora Sparkle – new HuCow orgasms

Nora had been waiting for ages in the barn. Her nipples hurt a lot from the clover clamps she was wearing. She was completely naked and locked in a metal collar, very nervous about her first time as a HuCow. The farmer came in and fondled her udders. Her took off the clamps, which hurt Nora even more. Soon, she found herself restrained on milking frame, her udders dangling. The farmer tried to calm her down with a magic wand. Nora got very wet and aroused. Suddenly, her nipples felt the vacuum pressure of the milking machine. She was being vibrated and milked at the same time! Nora struggled but she couldn’t get away. The milking suction became stronger and faster, and the farmer turned up the vibrator too! After a while, Nora couldn’t hold it anymore, she came hard! After shutting down the milking machine, the farmer gave her one more high speed orgasm! Nora was unable to speak or walk for at least another hour after this session. So many sensations at once, it was HuCow brain overload!

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  1. Another beautiful blonde haired HuCow with nice udders added to the herd. The size of Nora’s nipples should increase with the proper treatments. Welcome Miss Sparkle.

    • I enjoy reading your observations. Not only are they accurate but I get wet wishing your suggestions were being implemented on me.


    Always great posts but can we get a milk bucket challenged added? Think of it like the ice bucket challenge but with ice cold cows milk, Mooooooooooooo! GO GRL FRCE!

  3. William48

    New hucow getting trained this is good news for your farm I would suggest you start breeding the girls sooner or later and it must be slective breeding am I rong.

  4. KatieLover

    Yes hucow needs breeding in order to keep them health.
    So definitely we should breed them.
    This will help the milk production as well.

    • William48

      Correct Indeed and as well if they breed them slectively like how we do with normal cow’s they will get bigger udders if I am doing the math right it will be a 75% increase.

  5. Der_Hesse

    I hope she enjoys her orgasms. Well, if not – I’ll definitely do it!

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