Thiccy Niccy on the milking bed

Thiccy Niccy on the milking bed

We upgraded Niccy’s septum piercing to a bigger one! This wide-eyed HuCow is very new, but already well trained. She likes to oil her own udders to please the farmer. Her pierced nipples make her extra sensitive and her previous owner also told us she is highly orgasmic. So many things to explore with this one! First, we will put her on the milking bed today for an udder enhancement session. The machine worked very well on her right udder straight away, and once we got a good vacuum on her left udder, she soon reached a double udder size. It wasn’t easy for Niccy, but her supple udders need a lot of attention and care!

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  1. Nice to have another Update with this big beautiful eyed HuCow. Enjoyed watching THICCY’S udders slowly enlarging in size within the breast cups.

  2. Her oiled udders are highly erotic – and i am sure that helps increase the size of Niccy’s udders… really filling them into the cups (s)well ….. i know from using suction on mine

  3. Rubberspecimen

    Wow, just wow .

  4. hucowlover

    Nice update. You guys done a good job upgrading her septum ring. Now she looks like proper hucow. Her udders are enlarging well in vacuum. She needs udder enlargement training more often.

  5. William48

    Good job on y’all’s update

  6. Love her! Is she coming back for more? 👀 would love to see her cum

  7. Beautiful woman/ hucow, nice / Hot big nosering , beautiful pierced breast/nipples, she is a fantastic hot model, just imagine her wearing a boobcontrolbar to control and cool them boobs down after the session

  8. like the full dome pumps on your cows

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