Milk Asylum – the return of Vina!

Milk Asylum – the return of Vina!

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Great news! Vina is now back and here to stay permanently, she will be trained until her milk starts flowing (more than a drop). We officially have her here now! Of course, we are very excited to have this HuCow star in our herd, and everyone will remember her shy and hesitant first steps into the world of milking and transformation, more than 5 years ago. She has signed on for a permanent residence of obedience training, udders massages, bondage, nipple and udder enlargement, sexual stimulation, and ultimately milk induction. It will be an exciting journey, but she has already come a long way. Vina wants nothing more than to be owned, trained, and milked.
Today, we put her in the isolation room to welcome her back with the goat milker on full power! Vina fans, don’t miss this!!!

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  1. Der_Hesse

    What can i say – Welcome back Vina!

  2. Gill Bates

    Excellent. Will she be belted for her residency?

  3. wow Vina’s back and she looks great! Definitely prefer her as a blonde and have her udders grown even more?

  4. Truly happy to learn that VINA will be a permanent resident of the herd at the farm. Members have seen Vina’s udders grow in size from A to D cups over the course of her twenty Updates. Would love to see VINA secured to the metal milking frame in the barn with the red cow milker pumping her udders like Katarina Hartlova in HU171.

  5. A formal welcome back to Vina – with the well formed udders!!!!!!! let the bondage continue and the udderly growing nips milk flow with her sweet milk!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Does this mean that little Bo-Vina will be available for private milking sessions soon?

  7. Will we be getting more updates of Vina? Id personally love a weekly update of her progress in addition to your usual weekly update. I don’t want to miss any of her training!

  8. hucowlover

    Welcome back. It is a very good news indeed.

  9. socksandties

    I’m curious to know more about your farm operation. So is Vina really living on the farm 24/7??? And if so what are her days like?

    I hope this is not too much to ask and I hope I’m not showing too much ignorance. I’m new to this site.

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