Curvy Ra – lactating

Curvy Ra – lactating

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Remember the farm inspector we captured a few weeks ago? It turns out we were not wrong to add her to the herd! Curvy Ra not only has some massive udders, she is also already lactating! This makes everyone’s life a lot easier! We just need to keep milking her to increase her production, but already we are getting great results from her. She is pretty docile with a muzzle gag and Curvy Ra seems to enjoy producing milk. This is not rare for HuCows with big udders, they need to get the milk out to relieve some of the heavy weight of their udders. Curvy Ra was even actively leaking after she applied the breast pumps (milk coming out without using suction)! She’s a keeper!

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  1. EXCELLENT!!!!! she ls becoming the perfect hucow, adapting to her surroundings in her stall and looks so good wearing the muzzle gag … born for this!!!!! AND HER UDDERS!!!!!!!💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

  2. Anonymous

    You should get the goat Milker on her right away, she was releasing alot of milk

    • Nip Trainer

      Agreed – let’s see this site at its best! Get her on the real machines!

  3. WOW – This ranks among the top ten Updates on this website. Incredible to see milk at the bottom of each of the plastic bottles of the double breast pump and then droplets of milk continuing to flow from CURVY RA’S left nipple forming a puddle of milk on the barn floor. This beautiful HuCow needs to be fucked and sucked like young Ariel in HU265.

    • HucowBabyGirl

      I agree! So yummy! Can an ejaculating dildo be attached to the fucking machine? I’d love to see her udders actively dripping on the barn floor and her creampied pussy gaping by the end… as a hucow myself, I think simulated breedings can help with milk production.

  4. Jean-Louis LALONDE

    Let ask the local authorities to send more female inspectors!

  5. When she first appeared, some commenters were worried that her colleagues might investigate her disappearance. I was less worried, writing that “Based on my experience with Curvy Ra’s type, her colleagues are unlikely to miss her, and even if they bother to track her down, chances are they’ll congratulate you.” I suspect that this is what really happened. When her former colleagues did track her down, they saw just how obviously she was better suited for her current role than her previous one. If they care at all about her, they probably thanked our good dairy farmer for helping her fulfill her destiny.

  6. man müsste sie gleich an den Roten Kuhmelker gewöhnen um die Milchleistung zu steigern

  7. more Curvy Ra please

  8. Yes, more Curvy Ra, she’s amazing!

  9. Why can’t we see them having sex with the farmer we want it Please do this to get more followers

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