Jessy Joy – producing

Jessy Joy – producing

Our producing HuCow Jessy Joy is fully trained and transformed. She is 100% docile and used to her life on the farm. Giving oral service to the farmer helps her produce more hormones, making it even easier for her to lactate. The farmer likes to start her off using a powerful slow goat milker, until he sees milk flowing through the lines. Then he usually makes Jessy show her self expression skills, where she hand milks herself to show the milk squirting from her swollen udders. In these days of rising energy costs, hand milking will become more and more standard! And Jessy Joy is one of the best self milking HuCows you have ever seen!

The oral scene is a bonus available to members, just email me at [email protected] to receive the full update including this bonus scene.

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  1. A good oral scene before Jessy’s farmer uses the goat milker to pump her udders . Loved watching Jessy’s milk flowing through the lines into the milker’s storage tank and Jessy milking herself with drops of her milk falling from each of her nipples .

  2. finaly some actual milking we need to put her on the bigger goat milker and cow milker to se witch one empties her the best

  3. “saving energy costs”, nice joke

  4. LOVE this update on Jessy Joy and it’s HOT seeing the machine actually pump out some milk! Wish the machine milking part was longer though! Hope you can upload more sessions with milk Webmaster!

  5. Like this. JJ wearing an inner-framed nursing bra would make it even kinkier.

  6. It’s obvious from the moment her udders are seen that they are full of milk with the raised veins and how dark her areolae are.

    It’s a joy to watch that milk been sucked into the tube and it seems a shame that her udders weren’t emptied that way instead of so much of that lovely milk going to waste on herself or the floor.

    It sure looks like she is producing plenty of milk and it’s good to have a hucow producing within the stable.

    As for her blowjob skills she is very talented indeed so not surprised she is enjoyed that way either

  7. I would love to see her milked with the double breast pump with the suction slowly increase

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