Jasmine James captured

Jasmine James captured

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Searching for perfect HuCows online, I kept seeing the videos and images of busty adult star Jasmine James! I knew I just had her lure her to the waiting room, give her a special drink, and then quickly cuff her to the milking frame before she woke up! Wow does she have huge soft udders! Jasmine was horrified to find herself cuffed to a metal frame, but the big shock came when she realised she was going to be milked!! With a fair amount of training, Jasmine will definitely become one of this website’s top HuCows!!

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  1. Melker123

    I love how she screams and tries to fight back. I also love their beautiful fat udder, bsonders the beautiful veins that you can see well. I hope that their udders are even fatter during training and also the veins become stronger. As with a real cow. And they are give gallons of milk.

  2. Melker123

    I can not wait to see them on all fours.

  3. JamesF.

    Great video, but you should add more details to it (cow costumes, all fours, naked etc etc)

  4. hojojitsu

    A good choice. She could barely keep her dress covering her massive udders in the waiting room.

  5. Overall a great new site. Kudos. A few points for your consideration:

    1) The pulse speed increase in later scenes is excellent please stick with that or even go further.

    2) Perhaps generously applying some lubricating oil at the start could allow the nipples to be drawn further into the tubes.

    3) Personally I like the upright stance as used with Juli to see the model’s figure

    4) Perhaps push the endurance angle further – running the milker for 8-10 minutes instead of 4-5

  6. Melker123

    Milking fat is very good to make the udders soft so that they can be sucked in better. That there is in Germany, at any pharmacy.

  7. DarthFugue

    I still say that they need to have their “attention diverted”, onto something… “more pleasurable” happening to them (i.e.: something happening to them, between their legs!) ;)

    There is nothing more beautiful, then having a beautiful HuCow, in the throes of “Torment”, and “Pleasure” – SIMULTANEOUSLY! :)

    She’ll agree to be “yours”… FOREVER, afterwards! :D

  8. DarthFugue

    Also: Cows DON’T wear clothes! 80

    You should keep that in mind, for future clips/sessions, with your HuCows…! ;)

  9. Diamond Dave

    Also, cattle prods are also used on cows. I suggest you use them liberally on your hucows for our entertainment.

    • Hear Hear….especially new cows need strict discipline to be taught to obey and submit to their fate.

  10. Stompler

    It’d be neat to see a naughty cowgirl get milked in a restraint setup against a wall

  11. enthusiast

    I totally agree with JM from June 12,2015 post.
    I literally just watched your entire stock of movies from January until now. I enjoyed them, but if you want to keep guys like me around. gonna need to change it up some :)

    would be nice to see some extra stimulation. You already start alot of the scenes by drugging them to sleep and then waking up in bondage. a vibrator in a harness or spanking on the rear would be nice addition to the session. we would get a little more involuntary movement in the breast. I personally like the swinging when they try to shake them off.

  12. tentacles

    Jasmine and Dani are my favorites so far. Not sure about cow costumes but a cowbell would be awesome.

  13. Jamine James Naked on her hands and knees with the red cow milk on her Big udders

  14. THAT’S GOOD~

  15. Drakos19

    So far this is the best!

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