Dani – Cuffed udders

Dani – Cuffed udders

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Dani is back and she needs more training! We use suction cups to puff up her nipples, then cuff her udders tightly so they are bulging. A spreader gag makes her drool endlessly, all over her udders! The goat milker hoses are suspended this time, so she can be milked standing up. She can’t get away because her cuffed udders are chained to the ceiling!! A truly spectacular milking!

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  1. DarthFugue

    [Judging by Just the Pictures, Alone…]

    An “AWESOME LOOKING” shoot! :)

    Her [facial] expressions are “PRICELESS!!!” 8D

    She is, MOST DEFINITELY, not going to be able to get out of this one…! ;)

  2. luncai88

    This gag is awsome.

  3. Fuck finally! This is more like it! Love the idea of ‘breast-cuffs’! You can use zip ties as well to bind breasts.
    Juicy slut slave Dani wearing a Nursing Bra would make it perfect!

  4. Stompler

    Every little milk-slut should get some nice udder cream rubbed on their udders after pumping before their released by the guy who locks them up. It would make their tits nice and shiney. http://www.walmart.com/ip/10324438?reviews_limit=9&

  5. Awesome scene – would be perfect if you tease her nipples with a wartenberg pinwheel… ;)

  6. Diamond Davw

    I love it, but her udders should be given 39 lashes with the bullwhip to make the milk flow freely before the pumps are attached.

  7. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Danni Hunt. Danni is a confident, fiercely intelligent, well read and opinionated young lady with her own loudly held views on every subject under the sun. She is not shy about letting people know exactly what is on her mind and seems to reserves particular youthful scorn for the various older men she encounters in her life, feeling obliged to point out their every tiniest fault and inadequacy. She a real ‘Little Miss Knows It All’ and yet, in this video, I don’t think she uttered a single word. Remarkable… how on Earth did you manage that?

  8. Boob cuffs, we need more of these, please.

  9. Drakos19

    Wow! This is great!

  10. Please do this to jj plush one day

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