Katie – high speed milking

Katie – high speed milking

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Katie is one of our top Hucows! Massive udders, and a great body! She is perfect for milking all day, because she is nice and docile when locked into a milking frame. We did not get any milk out of her yet though, so it is time to turn up the goat milker’s speed. Something we have never done before. Katie’s udders are milked twice as fast, which is pulling her nipples further into the milking tubes. Can she handle this? Will there be any results, or will she need more regular sessions?

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  1. Best girl on a milkmachine ever…

  2. Perfect! Cute & juicy slut slave, teats sucked, & ballgagged! Addition of nipple clamps & nursing bra can only enhance this juiciness!

  3. It’s refreshing to finally see a genuine UK glamour model use her mind and body for more than just posing.

  4. Nice, but please don’t forget some of us are here more for the nipple torture than the hucow image persay, and from that point of view (at least for me):
    – Small breasts are still very fine
    – Please do try using oil to allow the nipples to be pulled further in
    – Please do keep the pulse speed up
    – Please do try going longer; the on time here was actually a little shorter than some previous updates
    – It can be good to see the machine vaccuum setting as you did once before

    Thanks for listening. I actually really liked the last stoic Cori update – I’d love to see her do an oiled double-speed marathon :D

  5. luncai88

    Sexy Cow. I like big breast and small breast. I’m missing a litle bit the heels, but that’s my special desire, not everyones.

  6. Admin, can you add some cow tails or other stuff? It would be really good


  7. Hi Admin, WE WANT MORE KATIE – tied with leather and steel!!!

    Restrain the cow in a bolero straitjacket: http://www.beltbound.com/2015/05/katie-thornton-gagged-and-boobs-exposed/
    And padlock her massive udders: http://www.metalbondage.com/2015/06/katie-thornton-locked-boobs/

    • WOW! She’s gorgeous!!!! Glad that you shared those… I’m definitely a fan! :0)

  8. DDTittieLover

    Beautiful dangling titties, loved the cow slut’s position on her knees while she’s on the milker. Would love to see her with a huge dildo in her pussy while she’s getting milked.

  9. Very good shoot. Love the big boobs and the hanging tits. Need to use some lubricant on them so they get sucked in further and the pulse speed should start slow and get faster. Maybe a little longer too. Great work the best site I have subscribed to and now my only one.

    • What i mean is the pulse speed should be a star feature in all your milking. The high Pulse is the best bit. Also some nursing bras as I have said before. Love the community we have going here. Keep up the great work.

  10. Katie is gorgeous! How about doing a discipline session with her? Even the best hucow needs some discipline from time to time… Full bondage, cow milker, full power, full speed. At least ten minutes, so she is showing some serious discomfort! And please, please, please, rub a little Bagbalm on those delicious teats before you hok her up o the machine… It will make the vacum stronger, allow more of her teats to be sucked into the cup, and just make the experience more intense. Besides, it will be fun for you to grease up those exquisite boobies…

  11. Great video. I like then they’re naked, more vulnerable. Would be nice to show her being gagged or chained up, some resistance on their part is nice, pulling back or asking for the machine to be turned off … so you make it higher. She’s very hot.

  12. Katie is such a great udder. Some one need to squezze her udder continously.

  13. Please diapered her.. Keep her dignity..

  14. Drakos19

    She looks so good!

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