Roxanne deserves a good milking

Roxanne deserves a good milking

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Look at this one’s slutty clothes and heels! We immediately knew we had to get her off the streets and onto a relentless goat milker! We lured her inside and managed to lock her neck to a milking post. Roxanne truly did not expect the milking would be so intense. She was crying and shaking for a good half hour after her session!! Her puffed nipples were aching for a few hours, but we will get her back for more milking! It’s her own fault for having such great udders.

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  1. I love milk

  2. This one is very good. Not enough credit given to this session. I like the way her udders hang and tht her nipples get so engorged. Still need lube to get a good smooth suction and make sure the her right, your left pump is on her nipple propper as sometimes u can see it was just off. Great shoot.

  3. I like the simple neck post arrangment, you should use it more often, the animal is held in place and no clutter to spoil the view, think Zzzippy is correct you need to lube all udders before milking [ you lucky farmer!]
    Its a pity we only have this video of Roxanne as shes quite comely.

  4. Drakos19

    This is great! I want to see more!

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