Daisy brought a friend

Daisy brought a friend

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After what happened to her last time, we thought it would be hard to lure Daisy into the waiting room. But she showed up, with a friend even! The blonde Emma happens to have huge udders too! Time for a dual milking! Their prepared drinks make it easier for us to move them to the milking frame, cuff them, and gag them! Their big udders are dangling freely. Emma has one of her nipples pierced, but the farmer doesn’t care about that. He will give these hot girls a proper milking! Dual goat milker action! Four huge udders! Don’t miss it!

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  1. Emma and Daisy are great cows – four big udders ready for milking. It would be a perfect scene, if you make small changes:
    – Knead their boobs before milking.
    – Tie up their long hair.
    – They should sweat and be drooling during the treatment.
    Simple gag them, chain them together and let them crawl to the torture rack…

  2. Hoping to be farmer

    I was wondering where to get machine like that so I could start a giant hucow farm

  3. Rawsersn

    Emma is so amazing, her breasts are such perfect size and look unbelievable hooked up to that machine. These two girls are definitly perfect for the job, one of my favorite shoots by far.

  4. AltijdGeileVent

    Wish we could see Leanne Crow and Rachel Aldana with their huge tits being milked like this together!

  5. When you are able to get more elaborate, an idea comes to mind when I see these two superb cows getting the milking they deserve…..what if each was made, WHILE being milked herself, to DRINK via a tube/gag affair the milk of the OTHER cow? A perpetual milk machine, see? Wonderful humiliation, and would quickly make former friends (or lovers?) resent the other with angry stares and wriggles.

  6. When is Emma coming back…?

  7. Drakos19

    These are two nice hucows!

  8. Where is Emma?

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