Daisy – full power

Daisy – full power

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Daisy’s big boobs are sucked at full power, medium speed. This machine is meant for goats, not humans, so that will stretch her poor nipples a bit!! She is really sweating!

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  1. Jordanbuttbutt

    This ones my Favorite so far! wonderful big breasts sucked till the girl cant handle it. PERFECT

  2. Jordanbuttbutt

    Now a proud member of Hucows.com, this material could not get any better.

  3. I’m excited!

  4. I love these milkings. I am wondering though. Does a woman who is not pregnant, actually produce milk, or can enough stimulation make her lactate anyway? I’d love to learn more.

    • Yes. I lactate all of my girls. They all produce within varying timeframes. Then I keep them on it to increase udder size and use it as another way to train them.

  5. Yes, a woman who is not pregnant can be induced to produce milk. It takes a little doing, but it can be done.

  6. Does look interesting to see. I’m curious are the women always cuffed. I realize probably while being milked. But what about at other times. Are they cuffed while being transported to the milk station. Don’t know anything about this but does get me somewhat excieed . what is done with the milk after it is collected. Just curious

  7. It might indeed be interesting to see the hucow’s “downtime” as they are fed (from a bucket of feed of course or a trough) and watered and see them, always in cuffs, sleeping in straw before their next appointment with the milkers. The entire experience of being valued only for the milk they can provide would prove beneficial to their proper humiliation and, of course, fun for we members to enjoy watching.

  8. JoeMaverick

    Hey! Awesome work! Love the web site! I have to say that daisy is my absolute favorite at this point. Please bring her back many many more times!!!

  9. Love this scene! Daisy is beautiful and I would love to see her produce milk. Please, more scenes with her.

  10. I would love to be a hucow! I have Size E Breast. I am 4′ 5”. I weigh 75lbs. I am Caucasian and I have red hair.

    • Size E and 75 pounds? If this is true and it can be proved, I’d be happy to convert you in to a hucow

  11. Einfach nur prima ;-)

  12. wow a beautiful hucow! Need to breed her cute calves

  13. Nice work!

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