Ariel Anderssen on all fours

Ariel Anderssen on all fours

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Veteran bondage model Ariel Anderssen was easy to lure into this predicament! She thought it would be a bondage shoot, but once we had her on all fours, locked in a metal frame, we turned on the powerful goat milker to milk her awesome nipples. Watch this tall blonde bondage diva squirm at the relentless pace of the milking machine!

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  1. Jordanbuttbutt

    This one is so amazing! Bravo on all your work… i cant complain at ALL. i just cant wait till you land that perfect girl with huge breast, some big, bouncy fun to play with ;)

  2. Wow, great video!

    I hope that also someday be real lactating women milked on this machine!? ;-)

    • I would have loved to see Natalia milked on one of these machines instead of a breast pump.

  3. Great!

  4. Melker123

    Ariel is a good goat, a cow udders their are too small. But I think it is still a very good model. Your pain and her scream. make me horny already. With the milking machine itself wiggle their little udder nice, maybe this will even fatter when they are sometimes milk. On all fours, I think is very good, the natural posture of a cow. What I would like to see even a small cowbell are uisher this is the best the neck, a nose ring, cow ears / horns, ear tag and a butt plug with a cow’s tail. More ideas will follow bestimt these are for this model not only. The kan I imagine for all cows well, the necessary humiliation. I love it

  5. Melker123

    I think you may also like a cow milking times 15-30 minutes hard.I Without break.

  6. Good petgirl, right position for a hucow. But next time insert a plug with a pony tail in her butt… ;-)

  7. Eine liebe es wenn mann eine Frau einen Nasenring durchgezogen wurde . Da kann man sie so gut f├╝hren und ise wird gnaz zahm

  8. those who know and love Ariel’s wonderful work as a spanking/caning/discipline subject enjoyed her famous ass wiggling as her tasty but tiny tits were milked here. But surely just as tormenting her tits instead of her ass took her OUT of her “comfort zone” of submission, perhaps then accenting her predicament with some discipline to that hucow butt and thighs would reaffirm her bovine identity, creating, if you’ll pardon the shameless pun, a “rump roast” of humiliation for this surely-haughty woman getting a true hucow comeuppance.

  9. Like to see Ariel on Breast Training Machine

  10. Churchill

    Ariel is my favorite. It’s amazing what predicaments she allows herself to be put through.

  11. Ariel ist einfach die Beste – egal was sie tut!!

  12. Sexy ;)

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