Pling – large nipples milked

Pling – large nipples milked

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We wanted to see if small boobs could be tortured too with our goat milker, so we invited bondage model Pling over for a test run! She has the biggest nipples we have ever seen, on very small boobs. The goat milker barely fit on her nipples! And those nipples were even going to be bigger after this torturous session on the milker! So big in fact, that the milk tubes did not fall off when we turned off the vacuum!! We restrained her by her long hair and used a mouth spreader for lot of drooling, Pling was completely helpless, being milked by this relentless machine!

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  1. Those nipples are made for large stretching with tit torture pliers =>

  2. AltijdGeileVent

    Big nipples (and large areolas) are great!

  3. wewantmorepling

    Does she refused to do it again? Id love to see her lovely nipples to be milked regularly…

  4. I would love to be hucow

  5. gynecologist

    I would love to see here agian and some enlargement-treatment!

  6. Nice nipples!

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