Juli and Bori – trapped and milked

Juli and Bori – trapped and milked

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We lured these two women to our waiting room, but we didn’t tell them what was about to happen. They were not going to let themselves be milked voluntarily, so we gave them some specially prepared drinks. They woke up cuffed to our milking frame, collared, side by side, their big udders exposed. There was no way out now. It was easy to hook them up to our dual goat milking machine and let them suffer for a while! The farmer kept checking their udders for milk flow and their teats were getting huge and swollen! It’s a great sight to see two women being milked at the same time! There was a little lactation already! With the proper training and daily milkings, these two could become great hucows!

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  1. Jordanbuttbutt

    I love this one! the dual use is perfect!

  2. Impressive, a little lactation with the first milking. How long does it usually take for a non-pregnant woman to start lactating fully? Does it just take daily milkings, or is there more involved?

  3. Melker123

    Juli has beautiful hanging udders. I would like to see how it is milked on all fours with the milking machine. I love fat plump udders hanging in Hucows. I hope Models with even greater hanging udder, like a real cow.

  4. Keep taking the milker on and off so you can get faster results

  5. More videos like this please with multiple hucows in the scene at the same time!

  6. I’d rather see them fastened to the frame first, fully clothed & complaining; then access the udders in whatever method works best.

  7. Great shoot!

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