Sarah Jain – double automatic breast pump

Sarah Jain – double automatic breast pump

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Sarah Jain has been captured again! She is locked in these crazy metal stocks, which means she is totally defenseless. Even if her dress is pulled down and her boobs are exposed, Sarah’s hands can not prevent her captor from doing so! These metal stocks are ideal for HuCows! Much to her horror, a fully automatic dual breast pump is installed and switched on. She moans and begs, but her captor just increases the intensity and speed of the milking. The suction is stretching her nipples and she is breast pumped for a long time. To stop her moans, she is even ballgagged! Sorry Sarah, but this is all necessary to become a HuCow, you will need many more sessions before you are ready!

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  1. hojojitsu

    I think that gags should be a mandatory part of the training regimen.

  2. great site. you should add more fantasy themes like a superheroine is captured by villian and milked. or alien creatures that attack women for milk. use milk in bottles to create illusion of really being milked

    • I concur blackfox. I’d like to see more stuff along the lines of Mr X or Nightwing poser cartoons. A friend of mine is planning to commission a jungle girl themed video in the new year so there is that to look forward to. if I get time i’ll send in requests for super heroine themed videos myself. Which super heroine do you think really deserve to be tit milked till they drop (or droop!)? I’m thinking Wonder Woman myself.

  3. WOuld be unreal to actually see milk coming out and filling up the pump.

  4. Yes, use ballgags as part of the training. Also, juicy slut slaves, especially Sarah Jain, should wear nursing bras & have teat clamps put on them B4 they get milked to increase the pleasure :D

  5. Yes, ballgags should be mandatory for training slut slave hucows! Also,
    juicy slut slaves, especially Sarah Jain, must wear nursing bras & have their teats clamped B4 milking to increase the pleasure- our pleasure particularly :)

  6. Nice video!

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