Juli – reluctant

Juli – reluctant

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Juli is getting really reluctant to be milked, but she needs more sessions! She is becoming a good cow, permanently collared and naked. She is growing fast, getting a little fatter, but that’s ok. In the new narrow frame, her collar is connected to a floor pipe, and her harness gag is chained to the top. Her arms are in an armbinder behind her back, her feet are shackled in heavy cuffs. She is bent over and milked on full power, protesting a little… but she can’t get away from the milking frame till we are done with her.

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  1. DarthFugue

    I LOVE the attire, that you have chosen for her, to wear…

    I think, in the FUTURE, ALL COWS SHOULD BE RESTRAINED – JUST LIKE THIS!!! (Armbinders, Harness-Gags & Collars — AND, maybe even, Blindfolds!)

    You need to turn those “Reluctant Cows” into “Docile Cows”! ;)

    ALSO: they need to stay attached, to the machine(s), until their UDDERS give you Milk!!! :)

  2. DarthFugue

    You should – ALSO! – bring back SARAH JAIN, for a couple more “sessions”! ;)

  3. DarthFugue

    SARAH JAIN had been the “Face”/”Postergirl”, for HUCOWS.COM, long before HUCOWS became “Active”/”Went Online!” :)

  4. THUMBS UP for the harness ball gag and leather armbinder!

    Train her on a treadmill during milking -> http://i.imgur.com/DBvPtd9.jpg :-D

    Hopefully we will see soon a pregnant Juli with swollen lactating udders?

    Also, I agree with DarthFugue: Sarah Jain and – of course – Katie Thornton are THE BODIES of this site.

  5. I agree with DarthFugue: all Hucows ahould be restraint, gagged and blindfolded. :-)

  6. Agreed except for the blindfolds. Without seeing the cow’s eyes we can’t enjoy their humiliation at being treated like the animals they are. Let’s see those cow-eyed looks of helpless submission and KNOW they realize they are no longer women but mere animals for our enjoyment and use.

  7. gynecologist

    I think they also should undergo a gynecological-exam while milking!

  8. Love the restraints, the armbinder is a must! but if you chained her collar to the bar behind her neck you could have done without the floor bar!

  9. Drakos19

    This is the best! I want her back! ;)

  10. CuriousHucow

    I love the idea of stumbling across the barn and being grabbed and added to the herd.

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