Katie – proud HuCow

Katie – proud HuCow

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Look at our Katie! Isn’t she just spectacular! Thank you for checking her out on HuCows.com, where we have all the Katie videos and more! Today, she shows us her training is paying off. Katie needs no restraints or gag anymore. She is a proud HuCow, and she is very obedient, even when faced with the prospect of being milked by the goat milker! Katie’s legs are strapped, so she can stand perfectly on her knees and hands. This gives her a proud HuCow posture, with her huge udders dangling between her arms. She even presents the farmer with her udders when he holds out his hand. A bit of oil and then it’s on to the goat milker! It still hurts her a little, but Katie is definitely transformed now, she will go through her sessions without complaining or bolting. She’s a proud HuCow!

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  1. robaloo

    KATIE!!!!! the quintessential hucow with the most beautiful milk sacs!!

  2. Still a Gag or restraints wouldn’t hurt. Could prevent a fallback and I think everybody loves some bondage on Katie.
    Nevertheless a update with Katie is always a good one

  3. This Update shows why Katie Thornton is still the most prized HuCow on this website. Any farmer would enjoy applying massage oil over Katie’s huge dangling udders and positioning the milking cups over her nipples. Katie’s facial expressions show it is still painful at times having her massive udders milked by the powerful GOAT MILKER. Katie you are the # 1 HuCow in the barn.

  4. Richard

    Would love to see her like this on the red cow milker

  5. Richard

    Thank you for the link
    how is Jessy Joy doing have not seen her in awhile

  6. Northfarmer

    Happy to see Katie again. She’s my favorite Hucow.

  7. monsterskippy

    would love to see her get milked on the sybian

  8. Fiona Knott

    Would like to join Hucows….

  9. Nip Trainer

    Nice to see her nips got bigger too!

  10. I love her! Would be nice to see how much milk comes out of her post milking tbh

  11. Anonymous

    One of the best way for milking is suckling by others . Let Katie be sucked by other hucows and definitely it’s a great idea .

  12. Katie and Katrina are my favorites! Love all cows of course but it’s 1000 times better when they have nice udders, big > small
    (Christina is up there to!)

  13. james mclachlan

    i love them milking tits what i could do with them use your imagination

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