Pumping the secretary

Pumping the secretary

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Lady Lyne had a very strange feeling about her new job. Her tasks were not really meaningful, and the phone didn’t seem to work at all. Also, her boss was staring at her all the time. Maybe because she didn’t like to wear a bra. Her nipples were always showing through her white blouse and she was sure her boss was always trying to get a peek at her big boobs. Then suddenly one day she found herself handcuffed to her chair, wearing a huge metal collar. A strange machine was on her desk. Her nipples were clamped and hurting. Her boss came in and started groping her udders, hooking them up to the machine, to pump her nipples to 4 times their original size. She tried to protest but she was soon gagged. She should never have taken this job at the farmer’s office!

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  1. What boss would not stare at Lady Lyne’s nipples and big boobs if her blouse was not fully buttoned. Lady Lyne’s boss AKA farmer enjoyed watching her nipples slowly enlarging to four times their current size within the cups of the VACUUM THERAPY MACHINE. Would love to see her big udders hanging over the edge of the milking bench and the goat or red cow milker pumping this HuCow’s boobs. Another beautiful HuCow added to the HERD.

  2. robaloo

    love pumped nipples – and Lady Lyne certainly has the udders for the equipment – let’s stretch those too – real home – grown talent

  3. PhD-Cup

    Some jurisdictions require employers to provide “reasonable break time for an employee to express breast milk.”

    I am happy to see that you are such a progressive workplace that not only do you allow this, but you actually insist on it!

  4. Bigwatch

    Nice wristwatch. More of that.

  5. Alexandra Voigtländer

    Ich würde auch gerne mal für ein ganzes Wochenende an allerlei Maschinen arbeiten. Wo gibt es so einen Bauernhof?

  6. anja1972

    What a cute secretary!!! Her gorgeous rack is perfect to play with, and a sweet, innocent face also. I bet she would suit the sybian with the red, strong cowmilker to torment her. She would also look great on the bed, secured with handcuffs, with her terriffic tits hanging down. The red hucow-milkingmachine sucking her lovely teets for hours, and a big enema into her ass.

  7. would love to see her on/in the milking bed – with various pieces of equipment, of course

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