Liz – nipple puller

Liz – nipple puller

Liz Rainbow! One of our resident HuCows, she has extremely sensitive nipples. Her big round puffy nipples and pointy udders make her a favorite for many people. She has had very hard times here at the farm, and we continue to torture her, because those unique nipples are a treasure that needs to be explored to the fullest. And if there is one thing Liz hates the most, it is when we use nipple clamps before her milking session. It just makes her nipples very tender, and they get pulled into the milking cups further. Well, today we take nipple clamping to the max with our nipple puller, which should really sensitize Liz’s poor nipples to the extreme, before using a milking machine on her. Poor Liz!

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  1. Nipple pulling followed by udder pumping! I love what Liz endured during this Update. Liz’s eyes expressed the pain she suffered through during this difficult session.

  2. Richard

    I would like to see the red cow milker put on her nipples right after taking the clamps off

  3. Majshgdb

    Please do this to Katie

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