HuCow 210 on the milking bed

HuCow 210 on the milking bed

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Whatever happened to HuCow 210, the stray we picked up during the pandemic crisis, where some farmers had to let part of their herd go? Well, she is still here! A wonderfully trained HuCow, 210 is used to being gagged and udder rope harnessed all the time. She is very obedient, and she can handle most milking machines, but there are some things that are hard for her. Like nipple clamps. Unlike her previous farmer, we like to use nipple clamps before a session to stretch and sensitize the nipples, it helps the cups to grab onto the teats better. A little harsh, but 210’s super round plump udders can definitely handle a lot. What she really seems to hate however, is nipple clamps AFTER milking. A fan favorite, so we did it again this session, and HuCow 210 definitely did not like that!!

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  1. I’m a crossdressing faggot and I love bondage and chastity together please someone use me anyway you want please

  2. William48

    This is a good show but how many times do I have to say that the hucow(s) need a few breeding seasons and it would make them better and more dossile than now can someone tell them I know what I mean cuz they seem to not understand…

  3. I request more udder ropes. This just makes them look even more beautiful. Maybe on Katie, Katarina or Lady lyne? Big udders need ropes

  4. Safe to say there are very few things that excite a HuCow farmer more than seeing big plump udders hanging downward through the opening of the milking bed. HuCow 210 blinking her eyes over and over again after the goat milker pumped her udders and clamps were applied to her very sensitize enlarged nipples showed this was another tough session. Viewing the white rope harness supporting the weight of 210’s udders was an added bonus of this Update.

  5. hucowlover

    Good work on hucow 210 nipples. She has great udders but nipples need some work. Her nipple was clamped before and than milked her hanging udder with got milker and again clamped after milking. It is necessary for nipple development of a hucow. I like her hucow decoration, bound tits, cow hood, nose tag everything is perfect. She is very good hucow.

  6. Angela Brown

    I am so jealous. I am a trained male housemaid and enjoy being used like a woman by both ladies and gentlemen. What I need is some hormone treatment that will make me grow breasts and produce milk so I can be put on a milking machine and treated as a farm animal

  7. I wish i could be milked and used like this. I just want big full udders that need to be drained and a wet pussy to be breed.

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