Vina – spanking results!

Vina – spanking results!

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The farmer finally did it! Vina has free flow! After years of training, Vina is now lactating. Well, one of her udders anyway. Her right udder is leaking quite a lot of drops after this intense session, where she gets milked again with the insanely powerful red cow milker. The farmer leaves her strapped to the frame for quite a while, playing with Vina’s udders until he decides to spank her. He continues to spank her bottom until it is red. Much to the farmer’s surprise, Vina starts leaking from her right udder. He stops the machine to inspect the flow, and there it is: some milk from Vina!! That’s quite an achievement for such a young HuCow, who started off with tiny udders and only her curiosity and willpower to become a HuCow! We love our Vina so much!! This is one we will never sell!

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  1. wow…Vina has made so much progress …. who knew she spanking would stimulate her udder???
    She has cum so far over the years – her growing udders and becoming a favorite HuCow!!!!
    Please keep her!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yes, spanking can definitely increase milk production and is a welcome distraction from only one stimuli. This form of stimulation is frequently associated with bdsm and certainly can be. But when it is applied to the milking process it has multiple benefits, just one of them being the pain/pleasure response. The response to each sting of the spanking releases hormones essential to greater milk production. It may provide a sexual response but not necessarily each time. It also associates spanking with the control the farmer requires. The hucow brain will welcome the comfort it provides over time. She knows she no longer has to struggle to produce. She can relax into any machine knowing the pressure is off. And any combination of stimulus will only increase the hucows comfort. For example, the suction of her clitoris combined with the fucking machine AND spanking provides the comfort and safety hucows need for the let down of milk to flow freely as they are milked. And relaxed hucows give milk with less stress hormones.
      May I suggest a more frequent use of spankings to the milking? For farmers to increase their sense of control, for the hucows sense of comfort and safety and ultimately the increase of milk production.
      Your beautiful herd will thank you in more ways than you can imagine.

  2. Years of various milking sessions have resulted in the goal of Vina finally lactating. It was wonderful to hear drops of milk hit the ground after viewing them falling from Vina’s right udder. Maybe in her next Update the double breast pump can be used to milk Vina’s udders and members will hopefully see milk in each of its plastic bottles.

  3. very nice, now next video use the goat milker on her! those black hoses are terrible to see the milk.

  4. YES FINALLY! I’d love to see a lactating cow with those nipple stimulators from the Darina video a few weeks ago. Pleeeaaase admin! :)

  5. ShyGuyASD50

    I am beyond impressed with Vina’s results, having watched every one of her updates from 1st to most recent, one after the udder…..She has made the most progress as well as made the most updates (this is the 21st in her series I do believe). One day I will meet the girl herself, and I have made the promise to myself to do so.

  6. Would love to see her again on the double pump again maybe with out the gag

  7. You should definitely put vina on the goat Milker on her next update if she is starting to lactate. It would be wonderful to see this website at its best with the hucows udders producing milk into the milking machines.

    I’m glad Vina has finally started to produce milk and lots of it which is why she is my favourite hucow

  8. This is amazing. Great work farmer now you just need that other teat producing milk too.
    I wish we got to see more breeding canal shots.
    Each hucow should be tied down like vina, and they should have that opening inspected by the farmer.
    Imagine a vina being spread open by a massive speculum, while she is being milked, and while he is spanking her.

    • A speculum would be a welcome addition to the filming. I am sure the farmers/barns/vets have several handy for health and wellness checks. If they are not already being used, every hucow should have vaginal and rectal sp├ęculums for monthly checkups.
      If wellness checks are not being filmed it would be a great addition. Your hucows are healthy and sp├ęculums could also be used for injection of bull semen. Keeping milk production at a maximum would be an added benefit of breeding.

  9. milkman

    could make this July month Vina special and all month of her videos with portable milk goat!

  10. Finally caught up. It’s been great following Vina’s progress from curious little girl to fulfilling her dream of becoming a HuCow (very enviable), I wonder if she could fill those bottles she was wearing in that Vina pumped video.

  11. Shoot more videos with Vina!

  12. Excellent to see her finally producing milk. May her milk production increase now it’s started

  13. We hope to see in future videos these herd have sex with farmers during milking

  14. Did you sell it in the end ?

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