Lara Tinelli – squirting HuCow

Lara Tinelli – squirting HuCow

New HuCow Lara Tinelli is very sensitive in her pierced nipples AND pussy. So milking her on a Sybian is extremely stimulating for her. Her poor brain can not even deal with everything that is going on at once. Lara has been on a Sybian before, and of course it made her orgasm, but the added stimulation of getting milked made her orgasm about 4 times harder!! She nearly destroys the barn and the Sybian when she cums HARD! She squirts lots and lots all over the straw, making a huge mess. We are pretty impressed with these results, but we want liquid from her nipples, not from her pussy. We will have to train her more. And longer. And harder. We are sure you will agree.

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  1. Welcome to the barn, Lara (in so many ways) … love her udders … and her expression from maximum stimulation

  2. Need to put the Sybian up on a stand, so she doesn’t tense her legs and lift herself off. Imagine the 5th and 6th pictures above (in the cluster of 8) if she could only wiggle her legs back and forth, instead of being able to lift herself up and get some relief.

    Cows shouldn’t get the ability to lift themselves off, they should be Sybian’d for as long as the farmer chooses

    • The emp.

      I agree, they are cattle, they don’t get to choose when they are done being serviced. The farmer knows best.

      I wish we got to see more breeding canal shots.
      Last week with vina was nice, but every week they should have that opening inspected by the farmer.

    • William48

      I agree Todd these cattle need to know that the farmer knows the best and as such the farmer could get more shots with the camera/phone and it would make the cattle understand that they are nothing but milk giver’s and breed able meat

  3. Loved watching Lara wet her lips and then smile before lowering her pussy over the dildo until it was inside her. Lara’s farmer knew how to increase the rotation of the dildo and power of the Sybian so she could slowly build to several strong powerful orgasms. The electronic breast training machine did a wonderful job enlarging the size of Miss Tinelli’s pierced sensitive nipples. Welcome Lara Tinelli the newest HuCow to be milked in the barn.

  4. Fantastic! Absolutely Fantastic!! Lara Tinelli is absolutely wonderful as a new hucow. Absolutely LOVE this shoot and especially Lara Tinelli’s beautifully PIERCED NIPPLES and it is a WONDERFUL site to see such a lovely hucow cum on the sybian orgasmic machine. Absolutely wonderful and recommend that Lara be given a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th chance to prove her orgasmic and milking abilities with her wonderful breasts and especially her PERFECTLY PIERCED NIPPLES!!! Definitely SECOND the request to raise or elevate the sybian orgasmic machine upon a platform as well as add some additional rigging to secure her legs, thighs, and ankles more securely to prevent excess movement. It focuses the hucow model upon her task which is to orgasm and provide some enticing entertainment for the viewing audience. Lara Tinelli is FANTASTICALLY GORGEOUS and she is DEFINITELY a KEEPER. MORE PLEASE MORE!!!

  5. ShyGuyASD

    She can really let go of the waterworks down below. And we shall see how long it takes to get the lactation flowing. Hope to see more of her going forward.

  6. Perfect scene for wearing a boobcontrolbar to cool down after

  7. Amazing! Very terrifically amazing! Lara Tinelli is AMAZING and cums so beautifully in this amazing shoot. Just would like to emphasize that it be always wonderful to see such an amazing and lovely creature such as Lara Tinelli on this site. Absolutely a WINNER and a KEEPER for this site and for future shoots , just would like to say bring her back. Such a wonderful delight to see this beautiful and gorgeous feminine creature CUM for the audience and express such vocalizations. Just got to think that her PERFORMANCE can only get better with more practice sessions and could even possibly emote an ORGASMICALLY INDUCED CONNEPTION fit of COSMIC PROPORTIONS. Anyone care to explain that in parlance form ? Oh, almost forgot, Lara Tinelli has the MOST PERFECTLY FORMED AND PIERCED NIPPLES on this site. Such a joy and delight to see PIERCED NIPPLES on the models and would love to see more PIERCED NIPPLES like Lara Tinelli. It be an ELEVEN out of ten for this shoot!

  8. ABSOLUTELY TREMENDOUS! Just got to say that Lara Tinelli is a real trouper for this shoot. Got to LOVE the NIPPLE PIERCINGS which are my personal favorite and especially with nice, hardened, perky, erect, and stiffened NIPPLES PIERCED with NIPPLE BARS. TREMENDOUS! Lara cums so well as a gusher as mentioned above and would doubly recommend that the sybian orgasmic machine be placed upon a PERCH for her especially and restrain her ankles to prevent her from moving and squirming so much. Such a lovely treat to see Lara cum so beautifully and only time will tell if you can get any milk from her PERFECTLY PIERCED NIPPLES! Nice! So how long do we have to wait to see Lara Tinelli again? Cory Spice had PIERCED NIPPLES also and we have not seen that model in quite some time. Bring Lara Tinelli back again for a second dose of orgasmic love on the sybian and next time use a ball gag that can match her exquisite beauty. ABSOLUTELY TREMENDOUS!

  9. Pierced nipples are the hottest and the biggest

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