HuCow 38 fucked and sucked

HuCow 38 fucked and sucked

HuCow 38 did not know how long she had been at the farm already. She lost all track of time. Blindfolded and tightly harness gagged, she was strapped to the milking frame again. She felt something being inserted. A dildo? It made her wet instantly. After a long wait, she could hear the farmer come in again. It startled her when he suddenly touched her udders. Without warning, the fucking machine was turned on. It penetrated deep inside her. HuCow 38 was dripping with pleasure, she couldn’t stop herself from letting out a little ‘moo’. Then, the goat milker! This compact version milks in a very slow and steady way, with a powerful vacuum. It hurt her nipples at first, but then the fucking machine speed was turned up. She was being fucked and sucked at the same time! HuCow 38 got lost in orgasm bliss, she couldn’t see, she couldn’t talk, all she could do was submit to the machines. She easily reached her first orgasm.
After what seemed like a long time, the farmer finally stopped the goat milker. But her nipples had quadrupled in size and were now stuck inside the cups. With considerable effort, the farmer managed to get the cups off her sensitive nipples. Then, the fucking machine was turned up to full speed! HuCow 38 almost exploded, she climaxed, shivering and struggling against her restraints. She was exhausted! Was this her life now? Getting milked and fucked every day? Secretly, she wouldn’t mind at all…

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  1. Great Update for HuCow 38 where her nipples enlarged to four times their current normal size due to the vacuum power of the compact goat milker.

  2. hucowlover

    Her nipple become so big and thick it remind me hucow 54 on red cow milker. It is just sad for me that farmer didn’t add a after milking clover clamp on hucow38 just like hucow 54. It is a nice update though.

  3. William48

    Great update and this just makes me want to be a hucow farmer more.

  4. love this description and update

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