Penny Lee – milking bench

Penny Lee – milking bench

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Good morning! Time to wake up our busty HuCow Penny Lee and let her out of her cage. She will go straight into the barn onto the milking bench. In an armbinder and ring gag, because Penny Lee still tends to disagree with her milking sessions. See how much she shakes her head during milking? The powerful red cow milker in this position is a tough training, especially early in the morning, but we have to continue sessions for all of our HuCows! Penny Lee does not really like it here at the farm, but she will get used to it!

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  1. Two months ago we saw this beautiful HuCow milked along with Dolly. She misplaced the milking cups and her nipples did not grow that much. Penny Lee well secured on the milking bench has her big natural udders properly milked this time since the cups of the red cow milker are centered over her nipples. This time Penny Lee’s nipples showed a significant increase in size.

  2. Hot Libby

    I think Penny Lee has a lovely set of tits. So nice and big, just right for milking!

  3. Looking forward to when she starts to lactate, and produce gallons of milk.

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